Dance SOS Center

In March of 2010 SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre launched a project intended to serve local, regional, national, and international dance communities in form of a free online resource.  This budding resource includes information about:
  • Dancer's earnings in different regions
  • Choreographic Showcases and Festivals
  • Funding for dance
  • How to get one's work out into the world including producing one's own show
  • Stories told by those who have "made it to the top"
  • Dance classes in one's community
  • Rehearsal space in one's community and how much it costs
The resource is designed to provide the information one needs to carve out the lifework of an artist that one is not necessarily provided with when receiving a degree in dance. 

We've placed further development of the project on hold until we can garnish the volunteer power needed to manage it on a day to day basis.