Mission, Vision, Values


Through innovative artistic leadership foster connections with global artistic resources promoting regional, national & international pathways of opportunity for working class artists globally and locally nurturing cross-cultural exchange, artistic excellence, and increased arts tourism.

Our vision is best put into words through our actions & we invite you to peruse the website and learn more about what we've accomplished and what projects are coming down the pike!

Our values evolve as we evolve. Or values include:

Administration Excellence
Lateral Organizational Excellence
Fusing Artistic Excellence With Community Service Excellence
Communication & Collaboration Excellence
Creation, Production, Presentation & Performance Excellence
Community Service Locally & Globally Excellence
Collaboration & Co-Creation Excellence
Fiscal Accountability & Reliability Excellence: Being Responsible, Ethical, Honest, and Equitable With Our Use of Incoming & Outgoing Funds

Building a Culture of Peace in Our Organizational Practices.

Building a Culture of Peace in Our Projects and Interactions with Others Through use of Active Listening, Effective Communication, and Learning and Using Conflict Management, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution Skills.

Fostering an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, acceptance, playfulness, professionalism, and admiration in all of our work and play spaces.

Service to others rather than our own egos.

Being Role Models for Our Children.

Respecting the Wisdom of Our Elders.

Being the Change We Wish to See in the World.

Healing, Celebration, Laughter, Inspiration, Honesty, Integrity & Tolerance