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Community Building on the Local, National, and International Level


The Hive/BUZZ
ArtBark International is playing a key role in development of a new performing opportunity for performing artists residing in California (San Diego to Santa Cruz).  Spearheaded by Maria Rendina Frantz of Motion Theatre Dance Company the project is a continuation of the continued shift in the paradigm in how the arts organize with participating artists contributing to the production process and production cost. In 2015 the HIVE organized as BUZZ DANCE.  

Our artists created regularly for the NECTAR series, which is on what Cybil Gilbertson coins "baby break."   Additionally we provided technical support by managing sound for the showings, videotape productions and manage their YouTube channel.  In 2012 Future Traditions Foundation, through its Art Shack program, purchased a projector in order for NECTAR artists to be able to incorporate this medium into the showings.  The projector is made available to our Arts Collective as well.  NECTAR is collaborating with our Arts Collective in the Fall of 2012 in producing our Affinity III project.  NECTAR is presently on hiatus

Santa Barbara Dance Alliance
Our artists routinely created work for the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance's annual Kinesis concert.  We have provided art work to be given in conjunction with their annual lifetime achievement award & for their annual fundraising event. We have volunteered our time to train staff on maintaining their website.  In turn the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance provided our Arts Collective with free umbrella services for the SB-ADaPT Festival.  Our Arts Collective enjoys the benefits of the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance's annual membership and uses this resource to help spread the word about its events.  The Santa Barbara Dance Alliance has been going through transitions in recent years and our organization has put energy into projects they no longer maintain we feel are needed in the community (an annual choreographer's showcase, collated online information about dance in Santa Barbara.)  Update, May 2015 - this organization is presently not operating and the community is adjusting.

In 2011 Fishbon provided the space for the "Cut the Edge" emerging genre installation for the SB-ADaPT Festival. Additionally, members of the Fishbon community provided home stays for the artists.  Our organization, through its Art Shack program purchased a dance floor for Fishbon so that visiting national and international artists would have suitable flooring for the event.  Additionally, all proceeds that came in from the event were donated to Fishbon.  Other events held at Fishbon include the Sofa, Sodas Dance Flics n' pics and International Artist Dialog events.  Our 2013 ADaPT Festival's experimental component was held here as was our artist networking events a part of the Affinity Festival.

Through our Educational Outreach program we produce and present master classes with artists not on the Arts and Lectures circuit filling in the gap by providing local artists the opportunity to engage cross-culturally & network with world class artists that we perceive as hidden gems. Through our Community Outreach program we reach out to folks from all walks of life providing them the opportunity to perform and engage with artists from all over the world.

SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre is produced its first bi-annual Festival, SB-ADaPT Festival in June of 2011 with much critical acclaim.  The Festival, was the first of its kind in Santa Barbara and possibly the world, bringing together 150 artists from 5 countries and 23 different cities to engage in 22 different happenings in Santa Barbara, UCSB, and Venice Beach.  
2011 Project Website - winner of Indy Award for Artistic Direction


In 2012 the Fest sprouted in Vienna, AUSTRIA!  We collaborated with 2011 SB-ADaPT Fest participant Regina Picker and her community Raw Matters in organizing this Festival. 
2012 Project Website

To learn more of the RAW MATTERS ADaPT Special Fest please visit

It evolved into a tri-city affair!  
2013 Project Website

our Affinity Projects are the happens that occur inbetween the larger gatherings. Artists that find a natural affinity for our work, and want to gather again meet to exchange creative work, network, and open up energetic exchanges between different cities and countries.  In February of 2012, as a part of our Affinity I Project SonneBlauma hosted shows at Center Stage Theater and in ARC Pasadena & SonneBlauma traveled to New York to share work at Green Space Studios.  In July of 2012 ArtBark will be in Paris after the RAW MATTERS ADaPT Special Fest where they will reconnect with Sinan Temizalp for the Affinity II Project. ArtBark is underway organizing Affinity III for October of 2012.
Affinity Project Website